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UPPSALA UNIVERSITY : Dept. of. Engineering Sciences : Research


Research programs

Solid State Electronics
Solid State Physics
Industrial Engineering
Division of Microsystems Technology
Nanotechnology and Functional Materials
Signals and Systems Group
Applied Materials Science
    Electron Microscopy and Nanoengineering
Applied Mechanics

Research within the department

Technology research at Uppsala University is centered at the Department of Engineering Sciences but is also conducted in other subjects such as chemistry, computer science, physics, and Earth science. The research range from fundamental studies at an atomic level up to applications at high system level. Materials science, micro/nanotechnology and energy systems are particular fields of strength. Microsystems for advanced space applications are one speciality, Wireless networks and smart sensor systems is a rapidly growing field, as are the activities in the boundary areas between engineering sciences and life sciences. In these areas anything from the structural composition of proteins to detection of different protein markers for rapid and simple medical diagnosis is studied.

Disclosed major research centers